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Welcome to  We carry a shotgun heat shield for most of the major brands of 12 gauge weapons.  All products are made in the USA and are warrantied for life.  Feel free to email us for info regarding mods to the Mossberg Shockwave heat shield as well as for the Remington Tac 14 weapons.  Our best selling shotgun heat shield is the Mossberg 500 shotgun heat shield.  We also carry models for the Remington 870, the Pardner Pump, the Interstate Hawk, and the Winchester 1200/1100. Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions.


Using a gun for personal security is not new today given the increasing crime rate. And in the event that your house is in the woods where any animal can attack your house, using a gun becomes necessary. The right gun with the right shield will be quick and handy for use in any emergency. There are some incredible benefits of utilizing the heat shield for your shotgun. The shotgun heat shield is intended to shield the barrel of the gun from the excessive heat that is produced when you take the gunshots.

This kind of heat shield can likewise shield your hand from getting burnt that can happen because of the heat. Improve the lifetime of your gun with the right accessories. The utilization of the shotgun heat shield frequently upgrades the security measures for the users of the shotguns and it additionally improves the general durability of the gun.



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