What is the maximum range

What is the maximum range

May 28th 2019

Shotguns are regularly viewed as short proximity guns, particularly when stacked with buckshot. Past around 30 to 50 yards, the spread from most shotguns turns out to be excessively capricious to dependably ensure that any of the pellets will hit the expected target. In any case, consider the possibility that conditions managed that you needed to take that shot in any case. How viable is buckshot at expanded extents? We got out the ballistic gelatin and did some testing at 25, 50, and 100 yards to discover.

We're accomplishing something a little extraordinary today. This is an easily overlooked detail we like to call "Stuff John and Chris Wanna Know." So John, let us know, what would we like to know today?

JOHN: Well, we were discussing it and what we needed to know was, "the means by which out of sight we take buckshot and still have it pass the FBI overwhelming dress terminal ballistics standard?" So, that is the thing that we did.

CHRIS: Right, so we're searching for 12-18" of infiltration in ballistic gelatin. So we set up a few squares and shot it at ten feet. That is our control, that is our main thing with our handgun ammunition. At that point we took it out to 25 [yards], and afterward 50, and afterward 100 yards. We utilized two distinct burdens: Federal FliteControl #1 and Federal FliteControl #00 8-pellet. We picked those in light of the fact that, well, we like them above all else, however they hold an extremely tight example and it's not possible to do this at 50, 100 yards in the event that you have the pellets going everywhere.

So it was intriguing to see the contrast between the #1 and the #00. I realize that [#00 buckshot] enters somewhat more at 10 feet in the standard test, and for us, we confirmed that. It was around 14-ish crawls on the #1 and around 18 on the #00. At that point at 50, the #00 was entering about where the #1 was at 25.

JOHN: So, for anybody watching, the motivation behind why that is, is that the #00 pellets have somewhat more mass behind them so they will infiltrate somewhat more profound on the off chance that they're moving at about a similar speed, which — those heaps are quite close. In the event that I recall accurately, there's just 75 feet for every second distinction. [Federal's publicized speed is 1100 for the #1 versus 1145 for the #00. - CB]

I thought what was truly kind of fun was — when does the shotgun become, "OK, I can hit stuff dependably. Perhaps not with the whole burden, yet enough" to "Well, what number of rounds would we say we are going to flame to get enough pellets into this square?"

CHRIS: I don't have the foggiest idea in the event that you all think about the #1 FliteControl, however it's a troublesome burden to get tightly to, so we didn't have a ton of it close by. Anyway, we didn't really test that one at 100, yet we had a lot of the #00, so it took us, what, 11 or 12 shells to get 3 pellets in the gelatin at that separate?

JOHN: Right. Furthermore, the other thing, as well — remember the front oriented territory of those resembled, what, 5"x6", something to that effect?